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Additional Resources

We've compiled a list of websites with valuable resources for parents. Click on the site names below to visit.

Horse Boy Method – a tried and tested, scientifically proven, means of gaining communication and re-patterning the brain for people on the autism spectrum, ADD, ADHD, Anxiety and other neuro-sensory diagnoses using horses, movement and a natural environment.

Where you can find thorough information about sensory processing in babies & its impact on development.

The Technical Assistance Center on Social Emotional Intervention for Young Children (TACSEI) takes the research that shows which practices improve the social-emotional outcomes for young children with, or at risk for, delays or disabilities and creates free products and resources to help decision-makers, caregivers, and service providers apply these best practices in the work they do every day.  

Kids Must Move is a united front of Horse Boy, Arabella Carter-Johnson (Author of “Iris Grace”), Kristine Barnett (Author of “The Spark: A Mother’s Story of Nurturing, Genius, and Autism”) to empower parents and make education effective and inclusion possible.

First Signs aims to educate parents, healthcare providers, early childhood educators, and other professionals to ensure the best developmental outcome for every child.

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